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Archived Redo Log Files

Archived Redo Log Files

An archived redo log file is a copy of a filled member of an online redo log group. This file is not considered part of the database, but is an offline copy of an online redo log file created by the database and written to a user-specified location. Archived redo log files are a crucial part of a backup and recovery strategy. You can use archived redo log files to:
■Recover a database backup
■Update a standby database
■Obtain information about the history of a database using the Log Miner utility
Archiving is the operation of generating an archived redo log file. Archiving is either automatic or manual and is only possible when the database is in ARCHIVE LOG mode. An archived redo log file includes the redo entries and the log sequence number of the identical member of the online redo log group.
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