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How to create ASM base groups

Creating  a ASM  base groups:

>> Before  creating a ASM  base groups should be check   “labels” and ” raw partition or disk partition.”: 

>> creating a base groups using asmca utility.

>> asmca Means (Automatic Storage Management Configuration Assistant.)

>>  click on ENTER.

>> click on  create.

>> Creating  a  disk group name is ASM_DG_DATA.

>> Ensure choose Redundancy  is External(none).

>> select ORCL:VOL1 

>>  click on OK.

>> Here creating a disk group ASM_DG_DATA.

>> disk group ASM_DG_DATA  is created successfulled.

>> click on OK.

>> Here observed Existing  disk groups.

>> click  Exit.

>> click on YES.









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