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Installation of 11G software on RHEL

creating required group& users  :   oinstall is a primary group and dba is secondary group.

==>  -m means its create home directory for user

-g means its primary group for oracle user, here is primary group is oinstall

-G means its secondary group for oracle user,here is secondary group is dba

-p  its nested directories, -R means  recoursivly


oracle base:This  is optional copy  ,for example with in the server  lets i regarding to different different softwares ,different versions  ,then install multiple softwres so we need to oracle base.

create a oracle home : this is mandatory to all oracle binaries  we need create oracle home. if we have oracle binaries then will invoke by we create database in dbca.


create oracle Inventory:if  we  create a oracle inventory  once the moment of  we install 11g software its going to create  a XML fils. Those xml files represents on 11g software.

Installing 11g software:

staight way  getting a the database directory i can  invoke runInstaller its create a screen resolation problem , so thats the reason to supress that am dependent on some other special screen , the screen name is virtual network connection. here is we need set for password then we invoke a special screen .

===>  Then  you can enter on your HOST name

====> click on OK


==>we need set password ,then will be generate a code

===>click on enter




====>> open a vnc screen , then  check your software ,

====> look into current directory then  invoke the runInstaller  .

===> here “./” means  look into the current directory.


====> deselect  to the  I wish to receive security updates via my oracle support.

==> click on NEXT.

==> then click on YES.


===> click on NEXT.

===> SELECT  install database software only.

==> click on NEXT.

==> SELECT  single instance database installation .

==> click on NEXT.

===> SELECT product  language   is english.

==> click on NEXT.

==>  SELECT  database  edition  is enterprise edition 3.95gb

==> click on NEXT.


==> SELECT operating system groups  dba

==> click on NEXT.

==> 11G software  not recommonded to kernel parameters  so ignore it.

==> DESELECT  ignore all

==click on NEXT.

==> we set on oraInventory directory

==> orainventory  group name is  oninstall.

==> click on NEXT.

===>  DESELECT  ignore all.

==> click on NEXT.

==> we check summery information  then click on INSTALL.


==> installation is running. or processing



==> End of  installation we get on two screepts

  1. /u01/app/oraInventory/  execute a this script is going to change the ownership permissions ,means only oinstall privilege user can modify  inventory directory
  2. /u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/db_home/   execute a this script ,is going to create oratabfile


==>  open the bash profile

==> then run the bash_profile  .

==> CONFIGURING  bash_profile.








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