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MSSQL DBA Interview Questions from FIS Company

MSSQL DBA Interview Questions

1)How you can find system low process ?

Example :- You came to Shift at 2:00 Pm , But your manager is asking process report for early 6AM report ? How you can pull past reports means Historical Reports ? How many ways you can find ?

2)What is Resource Governor ?

How you can set Max – Min CPU, Memory ? What is the DMV to finding about this ?

3)While Migration to New Server, What Prequestics to take it for tempdb configuration ?

4) For Tranasctional replication with out snapshot how you will configure with out starting snapshot ?

5) How you can find any broken links in replication, Is their any DMV’s?

6) Tempdb full what action, you can take ? How you can find which process is impacting tempdb ?

7) Client is asking Server is slow, What steps you will take it ? any DMV’s are their ?

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