SQL Server Error Logs Detailed Information

SQL Server Error Logs

SQL Server Error Logs * Error Logs maintains events raised by SQL Server server or SQL Server Agent. * Error Logs is main source for troubleshooting and identifying SQL Server problems. * SQL Server supports 2 types of type error logs * SQL Server Logs * SQL Agent Logs Questions …

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PIVOT & UN PIVOT Tables in SQL Server

PIVOT & UN PIVOT Tables in SQL Server The PIVOT operator, which was introduced in SQL Server 2005. A pivot table is a frequently used method of summarizing and displaying especially report data by means of grouping and aggregating values. Pivot tables are easily created by MSOffice users using in Excel. The …

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About Transaction Log with Example

about Transaction Log File

A database can have one or more log file. In general there will be only one log file as there is no performance improvement by having multiple log file. SQL server uses the transaction log in sequential manner.As the data file divided into pages,log files are divided into virtual log …

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Setting Database Options

Setting Database Options A number of database-level options that determine the characteristics of the database can be set for each database. Only the SA, database owner, db creator fixed server roles and db_owner fixed database roles can modify these options. These options are unique to each database and do not …

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SQL Server 2012 Installation Step by Step with Screenshots

SQL Server 2012 Installation Step by Step with Screenshots

SQL Server 2012 Installation. Steps to install SQL Server 2012, with complete screenshots. Click on the Setup, you will get this menu. Choose Installation, you will get Key menu, Enter the Key, then Next. We go Normal/ Standalone Instance then next. Select the features, what needs to be install. Then …

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Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Database new features

The release of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 has introduced many new features that increase scalability, manageability, availability, programability, and security across the enterprise. Enhancements Of SQL Server 2012 Online Index Rebuilds SQL Server 2005 introduced the ability to rebuild an index online with a few limitations that have remained consistent …

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Configuring SQL Server Report Server and Environment

Basic Steps for Junior Level DBA’s Configuring SQL Server Report Server and Environment First Step: – Open > Reporting Services Configuration Manager For Customize the Setting, Click connect Button Next > Service Account keep any account depends upon your project And Apply Next> Web Service URL In this we can …

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SQL Server Editions and Service Pack information

History SQL Server is the product of Microsoft To take advantage of this template’s design, use the Styles gallery on the Home tab. You can format your headings by using heading styles, or highlight important text using other styles, like Emphasis and Intense Quote. These styles come in formatted to …

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