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MySQL DBA Training in Hyderabad

Many Startup companies across the world hiring MySQL DBA’s.This is a open database with good features.DBA CENTRE will provide very good training on MySQL DBA.Students will get hands-on exposure to MySQL Installation, Configuration and Administration.

MySQL DBA training

Best MySQLDBA Training in Hyderabad,we will provide training One to One (or) Per Batch only 5 Members.

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Course Pre-requisites

  • Prior knowledge on BASIC SQL
  • Basic Linux commands

DBA CENTRE Highlights

  • Lab Practice with Internet Facility
  • Real Time Scenarios and solutions
  • DBA Real time tools
  • ITIL InfrastructureMethods
  • Real Time Project with live demo
  • Interview Questions
  • Interview Preparation Sessions
  • Resume preparation
  • Mock Interviews
  • 6 Months Free Email Support,Call Support & Chat Support

MySQL DBA Training Course Content

1.Open Source Introduction
• Overview of MySQL
• History of MySQL
• The Main Features of MySQL
2.MySQL Installation

• Installing MySQL from RPM Packages on Linux
• Installing MySQL on Windows
• Installing MySQL from Generic Binaries
• Explaining Environment Variables
• Architecture

3. How to start, stop and restart the server
1.How to check the MySQL status
2.How to set /update the MySQL root/user password
• Mysql_install_db
• Mysql_secure_installation
• Mysql_tzinfo_to_sql

4. MySQL user management.
•How to maintain the user privileges using DDL & DCL Commands
•How to maintain the user privileges using DML Commands

5.MySQL Programs.
MySQL Client Programs.
• Mysql — the MySQL Command-Line Tool.
• Mysqladmin — Client for Administering MySQL Server
• Mysqlcheck — A Table Maintenance Program.
• Mysqldump — A Database Backup Program.
• Mysqlimport — A Data Import Program.
• Mysqlshow — Display Database, Table and Column Information
• Mysqlslap — Load Emulation Client
MySQL Administrative and Utility Programs
• Myisamchk — MyISAM Table-Maintenance Utility
• Myisampack — Compress MyISAM Tables.
• Mysql_convert_table_format.
MySQL Server Administration.
• Server System Variables
• Server Status Variables
• Server SQL Modes

6. Storage Engines with Simple Examples

7. Configuring InnoDB
• InnoDB Table and Index Structures.
• Managing InnoDB Data and Log Files.
• InnoDB Startup Options.
• InnoDB Multi-Versioning.
• Restrictions on InnoDB Tables
• Memory allocation for Innodb
• Turnoff Innodb
• Innodb startup options

8.MySQL server logs
• Error Log
• General
• Slow Log
• Binary Log

10. Database Backup Methods
• Using mysqldump for Backups
• Dumping Data in SQL Format.
• Backup Tools ( Oracle Enterprise Backup (or) Percona XtraBackup )
• Restore & Recovery.

11. Replication
• Overview Replication
• Master-Slave Configuration
• Master-Master Configuration
• Replication trouble shooting / errors

12.Managing Multiple instances
• Setting Up Multiple Data Directories
• Running Multiple MySQL Instances on UNIX
• Running Multiple MySQL Instances on Windows
• Using mysqld_multi for Managing Multiple MySQL Servers

13.Performance Tuning
• InnoDB
• Performance Tuning
• Isolation Levels
• Error Handling

• Optimization Overview
• Obtaining Query Execution Plan Information
• Optimizing SELECT Statements
• Tuning Server Parameter

• Overview of Partitioning in MySQL
• Partitioning Types

• Buffering and Caching
• The MyISAM Key Cache
• The InnoDB Buffer Pool

17.Locking Issues
• Internal Locking Methods
• Table Locking Issues
• Concurrent Inserts
• External Locking

18. Upgrading MySQL and Features

19. Percona
• About Percona
• Percona Server Installation
• Percona XtraBackup
• Percona Features

We will provide online MySQL DBA training as per IST Timings Only.Trainer is working in a mnc as Senior database administrator.Having 12 years of experience on database administrator.

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SQL DBA Training in Hyderabad

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