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Online MySQL DBA Training – Best MySQL DBA Classes

online mysql dba training


MySQL Server + Percona Server + AWS RDS


Many Startup companies across the world hiring MySQL DBA’s.This is a open database with good features.DBA CENTRE will provide very good training on MySQL DBA.Students will get hands-on exposure to MySQL Installation, Configuration and Administration.
we will provide training One to One (or) Per Batch only 5 Members.

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Best Real time Online MySQL DBA Training

Online MySQL DBA Training

  • Overview of MySQL
  • History of MySQL
  • The Main Features of MySQL
  • Basics of Linux Commands
  • Ubuntu Operating System Installation
  • Installing MySQL from apt repository on Ubuntu
  • How to start, stop and restart the server
  • How to check the MySQL status and Configuration file
  • MySQL Architecture
  • Tablespace Management
  • System Catalog Views
  • Red Hat Linux Operating System Installation
  • Installing MySQL from yum repository on Red Hat Linux Or Oracle Linux
  • How to maintain the user privileges using DDL & DCL Commands
  • How to maintain the user privileges using DML Commands
  • Installation on Windows on MySQL
  • Installation of Workbench (Community Edn)
  • Transaction and Non-transaction Engines
  • Setting the Storage Engine
  • Overview of MySQL Storage Engine Architecture
  • Pluggable Storage Engine Architecture
  • The MyISAM Storage Engine
  • The INNODB Storage Engine
  • The MEMORY Storage Engine
  • The CSV Storage Engine
  • The ARCHIVE Storage Engine
  • The BLACKHOLE Storage Engine
  • The MERGE Storage Engine
  • The FEDERATED Storage Engine
  • innochecksum — Offline InnoDB File Checksum Utility
  •  myisam_ftdump — Display Full-Text Index information
  •  myisamchk — MyISAM Table-Maintenance Utility
  •  myisamlog — Display MyISAM Log File Contents
  •  myisampack — Generate Compressed, Read-Only MyISAM Tables
  •  mysql_config_editor — MySQL Configuration Utility
  •  mysqlaccess — Client for Checking Access Privileges
  •  mysqlbinlog — Utility for Processing Binary Log Files
  •  mysqldumpslow — Summarize Slow Query Log Files
  • InnoDB Table and Index Structures.
  • Managing InnoDB Data and Log Files.
  • InnoDB Startup Options.
  • Restrictions on InnoDB Tables
  • Memory allocation for Innodb
  • Turnoff Innodb
  • Innodb startup options
  • InnoDB PT Parameters
  • Error Log
  • General
  • Slow Log
  • Binary Log
  • Using mysqldump for Backups
  • Dumping Data in SQL Format.
  • Backup Tools ( Percona XtraBackup )
  • Percona Overview
  • Percona Server Installation
  • Percona XtraBackup Installation
  • Percona Features
  • Configuration of XtraBackup
  • Taking Full Backup
  • Taking Incremental Backups
  • Restoring Full Backups and Incremental
  • Recovering data
  • Overview of Partitioning in MySQL
  • Partitioning Types
  • RANGE Partitioning
  • LIST Partitioning
  • HASH Partitioning
  • KEY Partitioning
  • Overview Replication
  • Master-Slave Configuration
  • Master-Master Configuration
  • Replication trouble shooting / errors
  • Reset /update the MySQL root/user password
  • Creating Events
  • Monitoring Events
  • Cron Jobs
  • Installing MySQL Server from Generic Binaries
  • Setting Up Multiple Data Directories
  • Running Multiple MySQL Instances on Linux
  • Managing Multiple MySQL Servers
  • MySQL Server 5.5 to MySQL Server 5.7
  • The MyISAM Key Cache
  • The InnoDB Buffer Pool
  • Optimization ( about Constraints )
  • About Locking & Issues
    • Locking Methods
    • Table Locks
    • External Locking
    • Deadlock
  • Error Handling
  • Registration & How to Login
  • Introduction to AWS RDS
  • Deploy AWS RDS
  • AWS RDS Operational Commands
  • AWS RDS – Backup & Recovery
  • AWS RDS Multi-AZ Features

1, Real time Environment Discussion

2, Resume preparation

3, Real time Monitoring tools

4, Ticketing tools

4,ITIL Process

  • HelpDesk Management
  • Change Management
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management

5.Mock Interview

6.Job Support

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