Oracle Linux after Installation Steps

Once Installation is completed, it will ask for reboot. Reboot the server. Disable the firewall and Disable SELINUX Feature Set timings and location etc .. Proceed Next ,,, Remaining Proceed Need again it will ask for reboot. Installation Completed Install Vmware tools for easy to manage. Read more: 13,000+ People …

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Oracle Linux OS Installation Step by Step on Vmware

Place the Software in Vmware, Browse and Go Next 1) installation of Linux Using Vmware 2) It Will Automatically Will start Booting and Press Enter 3) Select Language and Create Custom Layout 4) Creating Custom layout / root – 15 gb, swap – 4gb , remaining for allocated for /u01 …

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Basic Unix Commands Command Example Description 1. ls ls -alF Lists files in current directory List in long format 2. cd tempdir cd .. cd ~sarath/web-docs Change directory to tempdir Move back one directory Move into sarath’s web-docs directory 3. mkdir mkdir graphics Make a directory called graphics 4. rmdir …

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Feedback from Kartheek

SQL DBA @ Hewlett Packard (HP)   Feedback from Kartheek --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Respected sir, As of now I am doing good. I am applying the concepts that u thought to me. Practically also gaining some knowledge. I am Thank full for ur wonderful support. Also I am suggesting ur name for …

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PIVOT & UN PIVOT Tables in SQL Server

PIVOT & UN PIVOT Tables in SQL Server The PIVOT operator, which was introduced in SQL Server 2005. A pivot table is a frequently used method of summarizing and displaying especially report data by means of grouping and aggregating values. Pivot tables are easily created by MSOffice users using in Excel. The …

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feedback from Kotieshwar SQL DBA

I am feeling very happy to be having dedicated teacher. you are  teaching theoritically and practically at a time so every one is understanding easily . your response is very good. i completely satisfied with your training . you are maintaing very clarity while you are teaching to us so …

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About Transaction Log with Example

about Transaction Log File

A database can have one or more log file. In general there will be only one log file as there is no performance improvement by having multiple log file. SQL server uses the transaction log in sequential manner.As the data file divided into pages,log files are divided into virtual log …

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