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SQL Server DBA Interview Questions from Unisys

SQL server DBA Interview Questions from Unisys, Telephonic Discussion

1 ) How to install alwayson Feature ?

2) Suppose i have to set up a Primary replica and one more for DR ,how many nodes you have to install ?

3) LogShipping :- how many jobs will create if you configure logshipping on a database ?

4) If CPU Is high , What checks you will have a look in Sql server ?

5) What are the main features in Sql server 2014 ?

6) What is inline memory ?

7) Replication:- Suppose i have Transational Replication  in that 200 tables are configured in a publisher, if any table get violated , how you can find ?

8) Replication:- i have two instances , i configured replication from scratch publisher and subcriber, But the issue is table not populating in Subcriber Instance. What might be the reason ?

9) Then Common Question , My Queue is slow , what steps you will check ?

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