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10g 11g Active Session History(ASH) report ADDM ADDM REPORT ADR Advisor ALTER ALTER DATABASE ALTER SYSTEM always on APP APPLICATION TUNING ARCHIEVE LOG ARCHIve Archived ARCHIVE LOG ARCHn Article ASCII ASH ASH REPORT ASM ASSIM ASSM ATTEMPTS auditing auditor Author AUTO AUTO EXTEND Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM) report AWR AWR REPORT BACKUP BACKUP DATABASE RECOVERY backups BACKUPSET bangalore BEGIN BIGFILE BITMAP BLOCK BT cache CASE catalog cgi CHANGE TRACKING CHANGING channels CHECKALLOC checkpoint CKPT cognizant command file compliance COMPRESS CONFIGURE CONN control file control files control files interview questions CORE COUNT CPU CREATE CREATE DATABASE create session CREATE USER crsd cts CUMULATIVE BACKUP CURRENT DATA databade database data base DATABASE RECOVERY databases DATABASE TUNING data block Data Blocks Data dictionary DATA FILE DATA FILE COPY data files DATAFILES DATAGUARD data guard Data protection DATAPUMP datatabase DATE DBA dba redolog and control file interview questions DBA TABLE SPACE INTERVIEW QUESTIONS DBBC DBCA DBCC DBID DBWR DBWRn DDL DDL STATEMENT DDMS deadlock DEF DEFAULT DELETE DESCRIBE DEST DG1 DGMGRL diagnostic files DICTIONARY DIFFERENTIAL BACKUP DIRECT dispatcher DML DML STATEMENT Dnnn DPBKP DR dumfile DUMP dumpfile DUPLEX editions ENCRYPTION ENDIAN ENTERPRISE ERRORS EXPORT EXPORTS EXTEND EXTENT FAILED FASHBACK FILE FILES FLASHBACK FLASHBACK QUERY FORMAT FRA FROM FULL GI global area global resources GRACE grid GROUP NUMBER HA hard drives HIPAA history HOME HOT HOT_BACKUP HOW TO hp hq HTML HWM I/O header identifier IMPORT IMPORTS incidents INCREMENTAL BACKUP INDEX indexes INFILE INIT INITIAL installation instance INSTANCE TUNING instillation interview Instillation questions INTERVAL interview questions interview questions of instillation oracle INVOICE IO ISCSI JOBS LEVEL 0 BACKUP LGWR LINUX LIST listener listerers LMT LN LOADER LOB LOCAL local resource LOG log files LOGGING Log groups LOGON logs LRU MANAGEMENT MARK MAX MAXLOGHISTORY media MEMORY MMNL MMON MODE Modes MOUNT MRU MSSM mssql MV MVLOG mysql mysql dba networking NETWORK TUNING NOCATALOG NODES no mount OBJECTS OBJECT TUNING OCR OEM OFA OLTP OMF Online OPEN openfiler OPEN MODE operating system operations OPTIMIZATION OPTIMIZER ORA ORACLE ORACLE 10G ORACLE 11G oracle 12c oracle control file interview questions oracle database oracle dba oracle dba interview question oracle enterprise manager Oracle instillation Oracle inventory oracle performance tuning oracle recovery catalog ORACLE RECOVERY MANGER oracle redolog interview questions ORACLE RMAN ORACLE RMAN RECOVERY ORACLE TABLESPACE VIVA ORCL OS OWNER parameter parameter files PFILE PGA PHP Physical Standby Databases pivot table in sql server PLATEFORM PMON POLICY Post primary database problems PROFILE PROTECTION PROTOCOL quota RAC RAID RAM RECO RECOVERING TABLESPACE RECOVERY recovery catalog recovery catalog configuring RECOVERY MANAGER RECOVERY PROCESS RECYCLE BIN redo REDOLOG Redo log Redolog interview questions REDUNDANCY REMOTE RESETLOGS RESULT retention rman RMAN ARCHITECTURE RMAN RECOVERY RMAN RECOVERY FILES RMAN RECOVERY SCENARIOS ROW CHAINING ROW MIGRATION sample word SBT SCN SEC Segments SELECT SENSITIVE SEQUENCE server SESMODIFIABLE SESSION SET ROLE SGA shutdown SID SIZE SMON software SOLUTION solutions SORT SOX SP Spfile SP FILE SQL sql dba sqldba SQLNET SQLPLUS sql server sql server 2012 sql server 2012 new features sql server dba SQLTUNE SQL TUNING SSL standby statement STATSPACK REPORT STATUS steps storage STRUCTURES OF DATABASE SYNC SYS SYSAUX SYSDBA SYSTEM TABLE Table place TABLE SPACE TABLESPACE TABLESPACE INTERVIEW QUESTIONS TABLESPACE MANAGEMENT INTERVIEW QUESTIONS Tag Tags TARGET TDE TEMP FILE tempfile temp files TEMPORARY TEST TKPROF TKPROF REPORT TNSNMAES trace file transaction Transaction log TRANSACTION QUERY TRANSPORTABLE Try Xubuntu TYPES OF RECOVERY Typical memory UNDO unix USB stick USER VERSIONS Video view viva qustions for oracle installation Vmware wallet WordPress WORK World

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